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Civilization 3 Download

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How To Download Civilization 3? 

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  • Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

Civilization 3 Download Overview

Sid Meier’s Civilization III is the third portion of the Sid Meier’s Civilization turn-based procedure computer game arrangement. It was gone before by Civilization II and followed by Civilization IV, and it was delivered in 2001. In contrast to the first game, Civilization III was not planned by Sid Meier, however by Jeff Briggs, a game planner, and Soren Johnson, a game developer.

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Civilization III, similar to the next Civilization games, involves building a domain, starting from the earliest stage, starting in 4,000 BC, and proceeding somewhat past the present day. The player must develop and improve urban areas, train military, and non-military units, improve the landscape, research innovations, manufacture Wonders of the World, make war or harmony with neighboring Civilizations, etc. The player must adjust a decent foundation, assets, political and exchanging abilities, innovative headway, city, and domain the executives, culture, and military capacity to succeed.


The game guide is comprised of square tiles on a matrix. Every city, territory improvement, and the unit is situated in a particular tile, and each tile can have quite a few units. Land tiles can contain a transportation improvement (street or railroad) and land improvement (homestead or mine) or a city. Urban communities must be manufactured at least one tile away from one another, i.e., no two urban communities may contact. Each tile is made of a specific sort of territory that decides, in addition to other things, how much food, creation, and exchange it produces when “worked”. A tile must be worked in the event that it is one of the twenty tiles encompassing a city. A tile must be worked by each city in turn, and every city can just work various tiles equivalent to or not as much as its populace.

Food is utilized to develop the player’s urban areas. Every populace unit expects food to endure, and overabundance food is put away. Creation, spoken to in the game as “shields”, is utilized to fabricate units, structures, and ponders. Trade controls the player’s economy. This trade is separated as the player sees fit between innovative exploration, charge income, and extravagances, each with an alternate reason.

Every city’s residents have a specific mind-set (cheerful, content, troubled, or standing up to). In the event that most residents are troubled, the city falls into common issue and all creation stops; if a city stays in common problem for a really long time, it can prompt revolting, which brings about upgrades being devastated. On the off chance that most residents are cheerful, they will like their chief and increment monetary advantages.

Territory enhancements are worked by Worker units. The water system expands food, mines increment creation, and streets increment business and diminish development costs for all associated land units utilizing them. Two developments must have a Right of entry arrangement marked to profit by one another’s streets.

Structures improve a city somehow or another and costly upkeep. Like units and Wonders, everyone must be assembled when the imperative innovation has been gained. Structures require monetary support each turn and can be crushed. Just one of each kind of building can be developed in every city.

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As in past portions of Civilization, there are interesting Wonders of the World that must be constructed once per game. Miracles give an assortment of significant advantages to a particular city, all urban communities on a landmass, or to a whole domain. Civilization III additionally included Small Wonders, which are practically comparable to Wonders aside from that everyone can be built once per progress, instead of once in each entire game. Little Wonders have, generally, a sociological prerequisite to developing them, just as a mechanical necessity. At the point when progress catches a city with a Small Wonder, it is consequently pulverized. A few instances of little ponder are Wall Street, the Forbidden Palace, and The Pentagon.

System Requirements

Civilization 3 Download Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows® 95/98/Me/2000
  • Processor: Pentium® II 300MHz
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 400 MB free hard drive (+50MB for swapfile)
  • CD-ROM Drive: 4X Speed or higher
  • Video: DirectX® 8.0a-compatible video card (must be able to display 1024x768x16 bit)
  • Sound: DirectX® 8.0a-compatible sound card
  • DirectX: DirectX® version 8.0a (included) or higher

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