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Fix It Felix Jr

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How To Download Fix It Felix Jr? 

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  • For secure download select given 4 out of 1 option
  • Then the next page will be open and you have to select the Download “Fix It Felix Jr” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
  • Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
  • Let it Download the Full Version game in your specified directory.
  • Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

Fix It Felix Jr Game Download Overview

Fix It Felix Jr Game Download: The game from Wreck-It Ralph is currently yours to play for nothing in Fix-It Felix Jr.

Any individual who has seen the well-known Wreck-It Ralph films from Disney will recollect that the title character was shown co-featuring in a computer game called Fix-It Felix Jr. With this free game, players will actually want to play Fix-It Felix Jr. themselves. Ralph is crushing up a condo square, and it is your work as Fix-It Felix Jr to avoid the falling blocks and fix the wrecked windows. The controls are basic, with left and right to bounce from one window to another, Z to hop, and X to fix the window.

While in light of the Wreck-It Ralph films, the game’s actual roots are in the realm of 1980s arcade works of art: players will perceive components from Donkey Kong and Rampage. The illustrations, audio cues, and music are totally intended to repeat the vibe of 8-cycle games, actually like Leps World and Mario Builder, while simultaneously catching the character of the movies. The actual films were praises to a time long since past of computer games, and this connection game takes action accordingly.

Some might track down the game somewhat essential, however, players who like the works of art ought to mess around with this title.

Enthusiasts of the Wreck-It Ralph movies and 1980s arcade games should find something to appreciate in Fix-It Felix Jr. While the interactivity and illustrations are basic, it works effectively of getting the soul of both the actual movies and the games that impacted them.


Toward the start of a game, Ralph ascends the high rise, breaking windows as he goes. It is the player’s work—as Felix—to fix every window with his mysterious mallet while keeping away from blocks that tumble off when Ralph punches, and Duck Hunt-enlivened ducks that fly on a level plane across the screen aimlessly. On certain screens, if the player stands by adequately long, a Nicelander will show up in a window to drop off a pie which Felix can gather for a time of invulnerability, quicker fixing power, and different impacts relying upon the rendition of the game.

As the game advances, the foes become more various and quicker, and there are more windows to fix. Also, Ralph will crush and break windows that the player has as of now fixed, constraining Felix to return and fix them. More significant levels present rather expanding quantities of haphazardly positioned snags, for example, purple flowerbeds which keep Felix from hopping up or down between two windows. The forms made accessible online additionally include open window shades for hindering Felix on a level plane, while the arcade form rather has various enormous heaps of blocks fall between two windowsills and get stuck beginning in the fifth round. Felix can get around these block heaps to get across the line, yet they will kill him if he ventures into them or hops into them from beneath.

The narrative of the game is that Ralph is annihilating Niceland Apartments in counter for the Nicelanders demolishing his empty stump home in the woods to assemble their apartment complex and leaving him in the town dump. At the point when Felix fixes each window on the screen, Ralph moves higher and uncovers more floors of broken windows. At the point when Felix fixes the most noteworthy screen (with the penthouse apparent on the arcade form), a cutscene plays where the Nicelanders join Ralph and Felix on the rooftop and grant Felix a decoration (which buoys down from behind a couple of separating mists), a pie, and a kiss on the cheek. The Icelanders then, at that point, lift up Ralph and heave him off the structure into a mud puddle. At last, Ralph returns to attempt again in another level.


  • ON THE FLY SWAPPABLE CHARACTERS: Use Wreck-It Ralph’s muscle to obliterate snags or Fix-It-Felix’s supernatural sled to fix them!
  • UNIQUE ENVIRONMENTS: Adventure through four particular settings dependent on the included film; from Sugar Rush to Hero’s Duty, each world is remarkable however similarly activity pressed and fun!
  • BRAGGING RIGHTS: Find and gather collectibles like Hero Medals and Easter Eggs that you can show in your prize assortment!
  • FUN THAT NEVER ENDS: Beat the game? Don’t sweat it! Play it again and find additional difficult levels under another arrangement of rules!

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