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How To Download Phantasy Star Online? 

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  • Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

Phantasy Star Online Download Overview

Following quite a while of looking, another homeworld has been found. Ragol, a rich verdant world, is ready for colonization and prepared to get the numerous needing another homeworld. Pioneer 1, a huge boat bearing 30,000 pilgrims, was dispatched to start colonization, to be trailed by Pioneer 2 not long after the settlement was set up. All worked out as expected and the settlement flourished, building up the focal vault on probably the biggest landmass. Pioneer 2 showed up seven years after the fact, with an extra 30,000 pilgrims, and moved into upper circle around Ragol.

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Out of nowhere, as Pioneer 2 opened a correspondences connect with the Central Dome, an immense blast shook the whole planet, obviously wrecking the province. Distracted and requesting answers, the heads of Pioneer 2 dispatched the Hunters, fighters in the Pioneer’s modern armed force, shipping them down to the planet. The Hunters structure the center of Pioneer’s battling power, coordinated into three general gatherings: Hunters, Rangers, and Forces.

You play the part of one of these bold Hunters, searching for answers on a world demolished by disaster. Phantasy Star Online (PSO) is a comfort based RPG dissimilar to some other. As you experience over the essence of Ragol, you’ll battle evil, fight beasts, and tackle the secret of the Pioneer 1, all while playing in a world with hundreds, maybe a huge number of different players. Phantasy Star Online is a completely online able reassure RPG, permitting you to battle with a group of three different players, in a tireless world with an enormous populace.

As a spin-off of the first Phantasy Star arrangement created by Sega, Phantasy Star Online is well headed to turning into a work of art, well worth buying for any Dreamcast game assortment.


Phantasy Star Online is a conventional RPG in many regards. You’re given the decision of nine distinctive character types to utilize, each a mix of the three races (Human, Newman, or Android) and the three classes (Hunter, Ranger, or Force). The HUcast is a Hunter Android, a solid and capable contender, yet totally without the enchantment capability of different characters. The RAmar is a Human Ranger who employs incredible guns and has a moderate measure of enchanted potential with a lot of space for development. The FOnewear is a Newman Force, who uses solid sorceries to annihilate the foe, having a Force method that no Android can actually learn.

Subsequent to picking your character type, you’re offered leave to change the shading plan and outfit style of your character, to all the more likely individualize it. Whenever you have the character you need, even down to the style of hair and body extents, you’ll name it and be given a Section ID, a basic recognizable proof framework that decides how your mechanical companion, the Mag, develops. The Mags are an intriguing piece of the game, yet more on those later.

Whenever you’ve wrapped up making your character, you’re set on the right track into the game, getting orders from Principle Tyrell, the head of Pioneer 2. Accused of the errand of discovering what wrecked the focal vault, you’re shipped off the entryway to buy gear, get explicit mission orders, and to ultimately ship down to the outside of the planet. This is the place where you’ll burn through the entirety of your pre-and post-mission time, purchasing new weaponry and defensive layer, accepting journeys from the Hunter’s society, and at last utilizing the carrier to visit Ragol itself.

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Subsequent to accepting your first journey, you’ll transport down and begin engaging the beasts of Ragol. Battle is very straightforward and simple to perform, yet hard to dominate. You’re ready to utilize three of your four Dreamcast regulator catches for the various things and assaults you can utilize, and each catch is programmable with the in-game menu, permitting you to pick between each assault, strategy, or thing you have admittance to. As you progress through the game, you’ll raise in levels, increase better gear, and battle more grounded beasts.


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